The Power of Gratitude

August 09, 2017

Why does it sometimes seem so easy to complain? If we’re not aware of our thoughts, we can easily fall into a pattern of focusing on what we perceive as negative in our lives. There’s a simple way to let go negativity while improving your health and attracting more positive experiences into your life. It’s called gratitude.

When we are grateful, we are living from a place of love and we therefore attract more positive people and experiences into our lives.

So how do you incorporate more gratitude into your life? Here are 3 three helpful tips!

1. Find what works for you

We are all unique individuals, and what works for one person may not necessarily work for another. When attempting to start a daily gratitude practice, often we end up feeling disappointed because we don’t enjoy it, we forget about it, or we treat it like a chore! Experiment with different forms of expression such as writing in a journal, typing on your computer, using an app such as Five Minute Journal, making videos on your smartphone, speaking out loud, thinking to yourself, or sharing with friends and family over dinner or through a text message. Have fun with it!


2. Reframe past traumas

Try looking into your past to identify if there are any events lingering in your consciousness that make you feel sad, scared, or upset. Maybe it's a bad breakup? A horrible injury? Maybe you didn’t get that dream job? Or you have some unresolved drama with a friend or family member? Try to identify the story you replay in your head. No matter how horrible this event may have seemed, there is always a way to be grateful for its occurrence. When you find ways to be grateful for what you once perceived as bad, you will truly feel grateful at your core. 


3. Practice daily

Gratitude is a practice. Like learning to play an instrument or training for a marathon, you’re going to want to practice daily to see the greatest results. And how do you get into the habit of practicing daily? Doing a challenge may help you kick-start your daily practice. Try committing to expressing gratitude once daily for an entire week straight. Cultivating gratitude, like anything in life, is a journey. Be consistent with your practice, and have fun! After all, life is meant to be enjoyable.