Change the World through Simple Daily Decisions, by Vegan Guru Alessandra Savoia

January 26, 2018

So you want to change the world? Who doesn’t! Creating a healthier, happier, more sustainable world is much simpler than we think! What we spend our money on is a signal of demand. And if we start demanding more sustainable products, the entire planet will benefit. The state of planet is a collective result of all of its people’s decisions, so each and every single decision that you make has the power to make an impact. 

Here are three effortless ways in which you can help save the world each and every day!

1. Eat natural, sustainable, local foods.

A plant-based diet is the most environmentally friendly way of eating because it take up so much less land, water, and energy to produce plant-based foods. Try shopping at your local farmers’ market, visiting nearby farms, or starting a community garden in your area. This will be better for your own health as well! The food you eat will be fresher and more suitable for your body’s needs based on the season.

2. Purchase products that are sustainable

The more you put your dollars toward sustainable products, the more you are signalling that there is a need for these types of goods in the market. A much simpler way to make change happen is by being an informed consumer and paying attention to product ingredients, packaging, and production methods. Are the ingredients healthy for you and the environment? Was the product tested on animals? Is the packaging made of recycled materials? Get curious about what your favourite brands are doing to help save the planet. It's up to us to be conscious consumers and demand what is right for the planet!

3. Share your opinions in a fun and respectful way, and be part of the ripple effect.

If you share your reasons for being a conscious consumer, you will surely inspire others to be more conscious with their consumption habits as well. It’s likely those people who will inspire others too, and the inspiration and action will keep on spreading and spreading. This is what is called the ripple effect. You have the power to be part of an incredible movement toward a more healthy, happy, and sustainable world. 

So remember, you don’t have to quit your job and start a charity to make a change in our world. You simply have to focus on cultivating sustainable and conscious lifestyle habits, and inspire others to do so as well. Let us know in the comments below what you will do to be a conscious consumer. What will you consider before making a purchase decision? How will you inspire those around you to be conscious consumers as well? Share this post if you would like to be part of the ripple effect!