Meggan Grubb & Pureology

August, 2020


This month Pureology has partnered with Meggan Grubb to show you how to recreate her sought after work-out hair using her must-have Pureology product Colour Fanatic spray.

The 24-year-old Youtuber and Instagram star saw her rise to fame for natural beauty and ethical lifestyle. Meggan is well known for her workouts and takes “breaking a sweat” to the next level with her daily workouts, and never fails to look like a boss when doing so. As well as her 1.3 million followers on Instagram and 300k+ subscribers on Youtube, Meggan has spent the last three years building a community of strong women with her 'Peach Plans', while creating her brand, ‘Rather Peachy’. 

Meggan loves Pureology and has used their products for the last year to maintain her sought after blonde locks. Sharing a similar philosophy as Pureology, Meggan seeks to bring out the best of natural beauty with natural products. Meggan’s hair always looks perfect for working out and her workout plaits have become iconic with her following, here’s how to recreate them: 

Dutch Braids are the perfect workout look. While securing every strand, this specific braid lies flat to your head, making high energy classes and pilates anti-hair snagging! All you need to finesse this look is the colour fanatics spray and a hair tie. 

1. Prep your hair with Colour Fanatic Spray to smooth out any fly-aways and prepare the hair for styling
2. Split the hair in two and tart on one side by dividing the section of hair into thirds
3. Cross to the right underneath the centre, and then left underneath the newly created centre
4. Gather more hair from the right to add to the section, then cross under the centre
5. Repeat this by picking up hair and crossing under on the left 
6. Alternate by crossing right and left underneath the centre, connecting hair until ends
7. Give the hair another spritz of colour fanatic spray to help the plaits stay in place 

As part of her partnership with Pureology Meggan is offering a free Pureology Strength Cure Shampoo mini with every colour fanatic spray, while stocks last. Just enter PURELF at the checkout.